“Getting Yourself Into The Grander Story” Nov 3

Friday, Nov 3
12:30 PM
UNT BSM Center

Phil Bishop (Kinesiology, Alabama) is one of the authors of A Grander Story.

He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America. Here is a trip to a university in Guatemala:








And to the Middle East  and to Africa (below)–both for professional and missions purposes.

While his presentation will talk about trips globally, he will also explain how to become more involved locally.

Gift From Faculty Commons

June 2017 –Faculty Commons is offering a free copy of A Grander Story to any faculty or administrator who would like one. It combines Biblical understanding of God’s place in our lives and work with personal narratives from faculty from across the country as they succeed (or fail) at living out their faith.

The book will certainly be valuable to those who are already in their careers, but it will be a special blessing to those who are just starting out in academic life.
— Robert P George, Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

If you would like a copy for summer reading, contact Steve Pogue.

A Second Chance At Life

Rhonda and the Elephants.

Tuesday, October 11
Noon — F 223
Discovery Park

Dr. Rhonda Christensen, a Research Scientist at UNT, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2007 but after a few months of caustic treatment and a long stay in ICU she was too ill to continue the standard chemo regimen.

Her only hope depended on the generosity of a perfect stranger. Come hear the journey of grace, healing and gratitude.

RSVP by October 3 and lunch will be provided: ntbelievers [at] gmail.com

Faculty & Staff Worship Service – September 8

Goolsby Chapel

We hope you enjoyed our worship time at UNT’s Goolsby Chapel to begin the semester.

Dr. Guido Verbeck (Chemistry) told about lessons from his life both within and beyond the university, and how our place on campus mirrors the situation of Esther in Persia.

Thanks to Josh Drew and Emily Cranford from the Village Church Denton for providing music!

Each of our events is open to the entire UNT community.

“Without worship, we go about miserable.”
—- A. W. Tozer